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Atul Bhouraskar

Atul Bhouraskar



I think YesCourse is a direct expression of my belief that every one of us has useful and unique knowledge to share in this world, and that if we could do so freely and effortlessly, we would leave a significant impact in the lives of others…

And that is exactly what got me started in the first place. When Shilpa wanted to teach from home so she could be there to look after our son, I wanted to make it happen.

Today YesCourse provides exactly that. It allows trainers like you, the complete freedom to put together your own online courses without any restrictions or barriers, set your own price and share from your own websites exactly the way you want to.

Whether you are a self employed trainer, entrepreneur or an established Academy, YesCourse has all those features and integrations that will suit all your online training needs flexibly.

Take your digital content and create your online Academy in a matter of a few hours. Upload videos, audios, images, text, links and publish your courses effortlessly. Use our built-in features to seamlessly integrate it with your mailer or social media and reach your students wherever they happen to be with.

Best of all, you can start free with ZERO upfront costs today…

Today my team and I devote all our time to fine-tune the YesCourse platform with new features and elegant solutions so it can continue to help trainers like you build their dream Academies.

Shilpa Bhouraskar

Shilpa Bhouraskar


Director of Academy Development

I was a full-time Wellness consultant and Trainer until my son was born in 2006. I wanted to continue teaching and connecting with my students but did not want to leave home. I looked for every option so I could take care of him at home but still do what I loved doing. Unfortunately there was simply nothing available then where I could enrol students, upload content securely and process payments.
So Atul decided to create an end to end fully integrated platform so I could teach from home and still take care of our son.

This was how YesCourse was born.

Today my online Academy has expanded to a team of online tutors and experts that have trained over 5000+ students in 74 different countries.

As a director of Academy Development on the YesCourse Platform it's amazing to work with so many Academies ranging from Meditation to Building Wealth and from Dancing to Organic Chemistry. Its thrilling to see completely organic Academies sprouting on YesCourse today!

And this is what gets me excited today! I help and support trainers like you access the best of cutting edge integrated technology on YesCourse for your courses so you can focus on what you do best ie create amazing content.

I believe it is not necessary to create a technically perfect course to create a great learning experience. A clean simple presentation can sometimes be much more powerful than a highly technical video course.

I look forward to helping you create your dream Academy and Course on YesCourse.

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