All the features you want, none of the headache.

YesCourse is the One-Stop solution for your Online Academy

  • Intuitive Course Builder

    • YesCourse Builder
    • All in one place – Flawless Elegant interface

      Simple, easy and convenient to use. All the tabs needed for setting up your course are fitted in one single screen. Have the freedom to work however you wish... without losing track of the bigger picture.

    • No coding required

      You do not need to have any technical knowledge to make a course using YesCourse. All you need is your great content and you are ready to go!

    • No Expensive plugins or add-ons

      YesCourse is a fully functional platform and a complete end-to-end solution – you need not worry about relying on Third party services to get your course running. You simply upload your content, set your price and sell your course; get paid and spread your influence with affiliate network, interact with your students and potential students on our platform, social media and personal website. Everything you need in order to be successful is in one place.

    • Publish without restriction or censorship

      You have complete freedom to shape your course as you wish it to be. This is your work and your Academy, so we will not intervene in it.

    • Create Unlimited lessons and modules

      You have complete freedom to make as many lessons, modules as you want and structure them according to your training needs.

    • Upload all your media in one go

      YesCourse integrates with Dropbox. Get all your media deposited into your Dropbox account and simply add them into lessons. Your course is now ready to be published in minutes.

    • Set Timed content delivery – Drip-feed

      Your content can be set to automatically deliver on a daily, biweekly, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. (Or just make all the content available immediately).
      The clock starts at the time your student enrols or you can set a start time for a course if you prefer. The choice is yours.

    • Flexible Multimedia Layout

      Upload any number of videos, audios, PDFs, slide presentations images, quizzes or any media you wish in any order or combination in each lesson to simulate real interactive classroom learning.

    • Embed video links

      Easily embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia or Amazon S3 straight into your lessons. This is as easy as copy-pasting the video link.

    • Set Quizzes

      Quizzes are a wonderful way to improve the engagement and interactivity within your courses. And in YesCourse you can create unlimited quizzes and embed them within your lessons.

    • Set Exams

      This feature will completely change gears for Academies that want to provide accreditation and certification based on competency. Choose to allocate marks with negative marking, pass percentage and lots more.. You can even automatically set the release of the next set of lessons or mark the completion of the course all based on their performance..

  • Integrated Shopping Cart

    • YesCourse Shopping cart
    • Set your price or distribute for free

      You have full control on your course prices. Setting your price is absolutely up to you and your preferences.

    • Integrated Payment Gateway

      Simply provide your PayPal email address or Stripe account and set your price. YesCourse automatically ensures that your student fees are directly deposited into your account instantaneously. No merchant account or plugins required.

    • Currency Selection

      YesCourse allows you to choose and get paid in a number of currencies. Just select your preferred currency and get paid in it – YesCourse's versatility spans from USD to Euros, from Canadian dollars to British pounds and many more.

    • Set payment by Subscriptions

      Collect payment in installments or subscriptions through YesCourse.

  • Sales and Marketing

    • Sales and Marketing
    • Inbuilt Sales Page Template

      We have some fantastic tools to help you completely change the look, feel and the entire layout of your sales and landing pages... And ensure that they are powerful and highly converting.

    • Add your “Buy Now” Button to External Landing Pages

      If you want to expand beyond the inbuilt sales page template on YesCourse, you can add your course "buy now" buttons to any of your favorite landing pages software!!
      Not just that any changes that you make in your offer, payment plan or pricing within your course builder are automatically manifested on this external landing page!!
      It really does not get better than this.

    • Special limited time offers, Discount codes and coupons

      Run discounts, thematic offers for special events and generate coupon codes with our rich built-in settings to attract new students and reward loyal customers. Launch limited time offers, exclusive course flash sales or lucrative discounts via coupon codes. It is such a simple process – just set your price and expiry date and we will take care of the rest!

    • Course Bundles

      Creating course Bundles are a great way revamp your sales and marketing strategies. Create Special Package deals by bundling together some of the most popular courses in your Academy.
      Or recycle your older courses and offer them as free bonuses along with your brand new courses. or simply create your own Platinum, Gold or Silver Tier Systems in your Academy to cover your market.

    • Powerful Automated Sales Funnels

      YesCourse provides you an in built linked offer feature to link any two courses. Eg you can link a free course to a paid course so that all free course students are automatically invited to join your paid course.
      YesCourse manages the offer expiry per student allowing you to create automated perpetual launches for your courses.

    • Course reviews and testimonials

      We have included an automated, built-in feedback and testimonial collection system for each course. So you can not just be acknowledged for your efforts and quality work by your raving fans and students but also boost your sales to drive in potential students.

    • Email Marketing

      Notify your students of upcoming sales or new courses with the powerful (yet simple to use) inbuilt YesCourse mailer.
      You can also connect your course to your existing mailing lists on Infusionsoft, Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse etc.

    • Website and Social media integration

      The YesCourse interface has a built-in function that lets you reach out to thousands of potential students by providing embed links and buttons for your courses. These can go on your website or your favorite social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. You can also set fb like buttons within your courses and your Sales pages

    • Analytics and Re-Targeting

      YesCourse has inbuilt integration with Google Analytics and FB pixel integration to allow you to track sales, visits referral analysis and re-target visitors to your Academy and Courses.

  • Student Management

    • YesCourse Student Management
    • Student Unique login profile

      YesCourse provides you and your students with an independent login and password for all your courses. Your course and your students are protected by our solid security system to avoid any information leaks to outsiders.

    • Student portfolio

      Your student is no longer just a face in the crowd. Our sophisticated student portfolios help you connect with your students on a more personal level.
      You can access your student's contact information email, country and detailed additional information they have filled in. Learn more about your students, their learning needs and enrollment history at a glance.!

    • Student Broadcast messages

      Broadcast messages to all the students of your course to keep them informed of new developments on your course right from within YesCourse.

    • Customize your Academy Emails

      Customize and create your own series of emails for your students eg Welcome Email, lesson release or broadcast emails.

    • Add and remove students manually

      You might already have students for existing courses. or you might have collected payments manually.
      Either way we provide a simple way to add in students for your courses.
      You can also remove an existing student from your courses in case he or she wishes to cease the training.

    • Powerful student Analytics

      YesCourse comes with a built-in student analytics tool. Learn more about a student's activity and check how many lessons they have successfully completed or how often are they taking part in discussions.
      This way you can turn your attention to anyone struggling with the course syllabus and help him or her to get back on track or learn subtle student behaviour for future communication.

    • Automatic Customized Certificates

      Students who have finished your course successfully deserve an acknowledgment. With YesCourse you can create Certificate for Completion and/or Competency These certificates can be customized to represent your Academy and its brand.
      You can set automatic release criteria based on completion or specific performance. Students can share these links on their profiles and web pages. Have your students let the world know that they have successfully completed your courses!

  • High Student Satisfaction

    • High Student Satisfaction
    • Engaging Beautiful easy to navigate interface

      Our platform is designed with your students in mind. Its clean and elegant interface will take care that they stay on track and will introduce a learning environment they will appreciate... and love to come back to.

    • Mobile responsive design

      YesCourse learning interface is intelligent and adapts to different devices and screen resolutions. Let your students experience the joy of learning wherever they are!

    • Automatic Notifications

      Your students might fall out of track easily with other platforms, but YesCourse takes proper care of them staying on course.
      Our automated notification system lets you set students notification for a new lesson release, trainer comments, student comments and much much more..

    • Integrated discussion and forum

      Our built-in discussion feature lets you interact with your students so your students can brainstorm concepts, clarify content and ask you questions they might have and deepen their understanding. Great interaction turns your course into a hub for great learning experience and future ideas. You can also keep an archive of forum discussions so they can serve as a reference for existing and future students.

    • Private discussion with trainer

      You can also set private discussions for certain courses where your students can get private personalized coaching and mentoring and submit private assignments with the trainer through the discussion area.

  • Academy Management

    • Academy Management
    • Build Multiple Academies

      Organize your courses by niche, subject, topics, levels under different Academies.

    • Customize look and feel

      Changing the "Look and Feel" of your Academy and course is a great way to bring your website theme and personal brand into your online Academy.
      In YesCourse you can upload your logo, set your own banner for your Courses. Customise the look and feel of your Academy pages, courses, and sales pages.
      A selection of beautiful themes coming soon!
      So you can quickly and easily customize every facet of your Academy

    • Create Unlimited Courses

      There is no limit to the number and type of courses or training programs you can sell in each Academy.

    • Enroll unlimited Students.

      There is no limit to the number of free or paid students in any course or Academy. We are proud of our infrastructure that currently supports many successful Academies with tens of thousands of students each and that number keeps growing each day.

    • Invite Multiple Trainers

      Invite other teachers to teach in your course or run a full fledged online Academy with multiple Trainers teaching various courses.
      Leverage the skills and knowledge of others trainers in your niche and grow your Academy together.

    • Build your Staff

      You can set multiple accounts for your staff to administrate and manage your Academy through YesCourse. Simply write to who can set it up for you.

    • Check Financial Records

      Find the summary, transaction history, split payment for Academy, Trainers, Affiliates and students for every course in your Academy at a glance.

    • WebHosting and Upgrades

      We take care of your hosting maintenance and all ongoing bug fixes. Our cloud hosting is secure and reliable and you can also rest assured that any new features will be available to you instantly – let us surprise you with better and newer platform functionality !

  • Affiliate Program

    • Affiliate Program
    • Set up your affiliate program with ease

      You can invite affiliates to promote your course and in return they get paid a percentage of your course fees.
      YesCourse allows you to run your own Affiliate Program. YesCourse creates special affiliate links that can be used by your affiliates to promote to their people.
      YesCourse automatically tracks which students have been referred to your courses by your Affiliates

    • Automated Affiliate payouts

      Once you activate your Affiliate program and set the percentage to be paid, every time a student pays you via PayPal, the set percentage is automatically paid to the referring affiliate if any. No manual payouts required.
      No downloading of data and hassle of manually paying each of your affiliates.

  • 24/7 Support

    24/7 Support
    • Friendly Support team

      Our polite, understanding and reliable customer support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by email.
      Simply contact us through the Support page or email us on A member of our support team will help you solve your problem quickly.

    • The YesCourse Academy

      This Academy has everything you need to create and publish your courses in 24 hours. You will find video tutorials, student discussion, help from YesCourse experts and much much more Start learning now.

Run your Academy on your website

  • Full Website and Domain integration

    Integrate your Academy in your main website in two easy steps! With some innovative technology you'll love how your Academy blends completely within your core Website.

  • Edit HTML and CSS

    You have full access to the HTML and CSS of your Academy, making it easy to brand and customize every aspect of your Academy and course pages to the nth degree.
    (Coming soon!)

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